Nerd and skinny boyfriend

Two twink stud nerds are excited as they are holding hands as they come into the bedroom . What ensues is warm loving fucking between them. Very contrasting images, both nerds wearing glasses (click when they kiss) versus both with tattoos (love the full colored wings, like a blanket/cape across the tops shoulders) and chest hair. Good chemistry, smiling a lot.

Daddy Tattoo Fuck Son

Gorgeous fucking smooth houseboy/pretty boy goads his hot tattooed daddy into a hot fucking. When you look past daddy’s tattoos? he’s super hot and built, too. Really light hearted dialog. You can tell the beautiful hungry bottom boy doesn’t feel he’s being punished. Really cooperative multiple positions, Daddy’s in charge but the boy is almost a power bottom pleasuring each other. Lovely apartment/settee setting. Great pairing from Lucas entertainment.

Bentley Solomon Pure BB

OMG that is one NOISY vocal bottom throughout the fucking part of the scene. These are two hot stud/hunks made ever more sexy with the liberal application of oil turning them into wet t-shirt models, then enhancing their very slick, shiny and slippery bodies slithering on the bed, the clean white bed. good to great chemistry.