Brreding Frenzy

Brogen Hardy is so freakin’ versatile it’s amazing. Just when you’rel convinced he’s a piggy cum hole bottom slut, that big dicked brother flips the script and becomes this nasty talking thug bustin’ his nutt up in some white boys. I admire talent that can adopt any role he’s called to play.

Son of Bitch

The chemistry between them is sooo good! A+ and the Asian was soo cute and excited , loved that! Lucio was also a very hot and supportive top, complementing his bottom really made heart flutter. Good production and acting

Jessy & Milan summer sex remix

EricVids are so deliciously dark with their ‘seemingly’ public and random hookups.Those two tops are sexy as fuck! Animalistic sex at it’s finest. The sucking and fucking is as raw as it gets. Slightly dirty, always hot! I would open my holes up for those two fuckers!