Enjoying a slutty bottom

This movie features a lot of potty mouth while the action is ongoing. I find this very erotic in real life, so I love it in porn, too. This scene with some unusual toe action at the end. I don’t ever recall seeing this in porn before, and I’ve watched a great deal of smut.

Lazing On a Sunny Afternoon

The best part of this video, is the end, how the bottom nuzzels up to his husband, after taking two huge dicks for hours, as a total bottom myself, you could see, that the bottom dude was worn out, even maybe a little distressed! But not once did he stop providing his hole to either tops, and especially his dude at the end. The kiss was great!

Gettin turnt out

Really hot bottom! I want to flip fuck with him! Man!! You are my favorite. Your facial expressions and moanins make me cum so hard all the time. Wiuld love to watch you jerkinoff with spread lefs and seeing your armpits while jerking it. Gosh i need to wank it again just by imaginening you!