1. I am gay through and through. I love cock, ass and everything involved. It is so natural to me that I don’t need to question myself. I am versatile, even though naturally I enjoy to bottom as it is so sublime to be penetrated and feel that power of the cock inside your ass, from beginning to end when his cum spread all the way up to your intestine. It is beyond description!

  2. I’m so into watching hot black guys with big long cocks!!!
    I’ve always been straight but I get so turned on by it.
    I’d love to suck a bbc and take it deep inside my mouth and then my ass

    1. More Bisexual but i’m a cross dresser. When I dress up like a woman I think about being with a sexy hot guy. Yes I fantasize about sucking cock and taken it in my sexy butt. I don’t know what I want more mouth or in my fat ass. I mean do have dildos that yes I suck on and get horny looking at naked cute guys. In my mouth sucking on a fat dick yes and he cums for me that’s Sooooooo Hot. Who knows maybe I’ll get to suck on BBC sometime in the future.

  3. I am gay and I love to look at naked men,I also fantasize I love to lick pits I would love to be ordered to lick a big muscle guys pits,If any guy would love me to do that please let me know.

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