1. Surprises are so wonderful. These remind me of those times you really strike it lucky…..you hit on a guy in a bar, a club, in the office….he is cute and you start to flirt. You are so attentive, eyes flicking back and forth between his eyes and his crotch. You notice a twitch, a bulge, you know he is interested. Mmmm, the prospect of what is in his pants starts to drive you wild. You never know what you are going to get until you unleash the beast! Tantalizing, filled with lust, filled with anticipation. Could it be magic! Then on your knees you unzip and lower his pants. My god, his shorts are straining so much….maybe you have hit the jackpot this time! Teazing him, stroking his cock through the fabric, maximizing the size of what you will unveil when the time is right. Nibbling his crotch, caressing his thighs, he is wonderful! Then, kaboom! You gently pull the front of his shorts down and the monster cock stares at you with its single eye. You pull them down some more and you have to jump back to avoid it whacking you in the face as it springs out to its full glory! Winner, winner, cum for dinner! Awesome. Get that beauty in your mouth….gobble that leviathan man-meat for all you are worth. These are the ones you remember. These are the ones which bring you joy, delight and sweet pain. Huge is good, colossal is better, humongous is best! You have probably worked it out I am a superfan of men with bigger cocks! The bigger the better! I can’t help it!

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