1. good evening, how is it possible to send you a gif or a video to appear on your site? good evening to you ! cordially

  2. Oh my god! As a compulsive “cum eater” these are pure heaven. So much glorious, sweet cum spurting forth for the enjoyment of a grateful bottom like me. I will confess I nearly died when I saw the second one…..the head on that thing is fucking enormous….WOW…..truly astonishing…my eyes are watering just at the thought of that thing plunging down my throat or being thrust into my ass! That is a cock to die for ….literally! If that was the last cock that fucked my ass I would die a happy man! Truly awesome! Now getting back to the super duper copious cum shooters….. How do these guys do it?…what are they eating or drinking to produce so much wonderful “man juice”? Why do I always end up with the guy who fires a few pathetic squirts of cum rather than unleashing a glorious torrent like any of these. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful for every drop I get, but these guys are something else! I would be hard pressed to swallow these guys’ loads without choking….there is just so damn much of it. Absolutely wonderful!

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