1. Gorgeous guy, gorgeous ass….I am a bottom…but even without sight of his cock I know that with that body he would be an awesome fuck! I do not want to fuck that ass, I want it to power him to fuck me….astonishing power to drive his cock deep into my ass, again and again, until he spurts a glorious fountain of cum!! Heaven!

  2. Dude I would lick piss off of a truck stop bathroom floor just for the chance to spend one night licking and sucking that beautiful ass

    1. Oh, Ernie…..maybe I am as sick as you sound, but I am getting turned on just imagining you on all fours licking that piss soaked floor! Hell, I might even join you if that’s what it takes to get a piece of ass like that!

    1. Fuck, I am so hard just looking at this ass and imagining the tip of my cock touching his cherry. Man, I’m seeping pre cum all over the place. I’m gonna squirt and I haven’t even touched myself yet.

    1. Soooooo Hot guys butt, The best moment is when your done sucking his dick and the guy walks away and you stare at his naked butt, and he says you starring at my ass and you say yes your a sexy man with a cute butt.

  3. Hot Butts on those sexy guys. Wish one of them were my man. My cock gets hard thinking about guys hot butt and me sucking there dick.

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