1. It is my favourite….just can’t get enough!..I mean that most sincerely all of you boys out there with plump, juicy balls….let yourself go!

  2. I’m a 40 yr old guy been married to my 32 yr old wife for 12 years. I had been the only male she had been with and she was turned off to oral sex and couldn’t understand why I’d want to go down on her. While on vacation in mutter beach two young guys made a move on her. They were 18-19 I believe. I saw it happen and was going to go to her aid as I thought they were about to rape her. I watched as she totally surrendered to them both. She had one in her mouth as the other one took her then they switched. Those two boys made her a new woman. Now she’s into oral with me after 13 years of refusing to do it.

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