Everybody Loves Ben

Now these kind of scenes would have made Everybody Loves Raymond a LOT more interesting. Ben might have started asleep and just sleepily reaching for his partner’s cock. but that butt SLAP at 03:42 would have woken me up. This is a pretty loving gentle wake up fuck. except I didn’t see much lube in evidence. (except a wee bit of tongue work). Usually in the morning you’re dry as a bone. Helluva scene, super stud bodies. Love watching them in action all those undulating curves!

The seducer

OMG! what a come on! when your gorgeous twink/son room mate/lover comes swarming over that wide expanse of table into your lips and arms. BREAKFAST is SERVED! What a super hot loving strip and suck…

I love your tattoo

So the daddy/son connection on the bed (because of the baseball caps, it might be the twink’s bedroom). starts with tattoo comparison. then gets a LOT more intimate. The son’s tattoo looks like a macabre Cleveland Indians logo. LOL. This young man is very interested in his daddy friend. And the reveal starting 14:22 shows a super deluscious booty, smooth clean cut body and really friendly face. I’m in LUST and in love. Daddy is a gentle lover/fucker. SAVor this scene. Very rare from this studio.

Rico Marlon, Allen King, Arad Winwin & Edji Da Silva

Well so much for strength training when they all notice that the hot masseuse is a super cute stud. The hunks would rather lift Allen than lifting weights. And Allen finds massaging/sucking cocks is less strenuous than massaging bodies. And offering your ass for fucking gets you your massage the easy way. First time I’ve seen Allen bearded. Nice foursome gang bang. Very active and mutually cooperative. Another excellent scene from this studio.

Daddy massage

Whoa, this turns into a flip flop MASSAGE? I guess it makes sense when both strip naked at the start. The daddy is pretty well built, but the bottom guy is my favorite in this scene. Rubbing oil on bodies is not really deep massage, but it really starts to get both parties turned on.