Chris – Johnny – Bryce

T-shirt colors: Bines in gray, Johnny Rapid in green, Bryce Evans in black. From Men called “Not In Public”. Hey guys, no PDA, get a room! Why don’t you try my room. Bartender brings the two lover/boyfriends back to his house they start by engaging in a private porn show. Then it becomes a participatory porn scene, when he joins in. Hot scene. Especially watching Johnny.

Austin Wolf & Francois Sagat Bareback

Wow, this is awesome! Two of my favorites having hot, very believable sex. I could watch this over and over. The contrast in sizes is very pronounced, and hot, as Wolf is big enough to physically overwhelm Sagat. Even the interviews are surprisingly interesting and make the performers more likable and sexier.

Sex with the doctor

Red head guy is stunning, but didnt shoot much of a load. However, I would love to suck him and fuck him in that gorgeous light grey suit. The doctor character was over acting imo, to the point where he became annoying. I was hoping the red head guy would brutally face fuck him, if only to shut him up.