Marco selfies

This hot strapping bloke might look familiar to you: he’s sometime pornstar/sometime model Marco. He used to be more diminutive and boyish, but after taking more than a year off following back surgery, he’s returned looking bigger and more macho with a full beard, bulging muscles, and body hair. He’s walking proof of my belief that many lads don’t really blossom into menhood until at least their later twenties. He was a twink early in his career, then morphed more into a well muscled shaved prettyboy. Now he’s all man. A native of Italy, Marco is 28, stands 5’11, and weighs around 185 pounds. He’s versatile in porn although primarily appears as a bottom. He’s also proud to admit he’s only had sex with a woman once in his life, so he’s definitely not gay-for-pay.

Cash at Paragonmen – Aiden at Fratmen

This big stud has a sleepy, sultry look about him, suggesting he might be the quiet, gentle type. He’s billed as Cash at the site releasing these photos, but who knows if that’s his real name. He looks somewhat familiar, like he may have been on one of the other porn websites. If that’s the case, I would love to see him in action with another bloke, either topping or bottoming, or hopefully both.

Armond Rizzo best treesome ever

I think the story here is that a musclepup tries to enter an underground club, but the bouncers decide they’d rather entertain the lad on their own. So they take him in a back room, spitroast him, and then double penetrate his willing but tight jock ass.


In this hot scene, the two older cowboys are played by Blake Harper and Logan Reed, while the young pup is Clint Fox. All three have since retired. Blake Harper IS my favorite pornstar. He’s cute & nasty. Always good to his partners. A true versatile. Perfectly fuckable.

Phil bradley hot barn fuck 90tis porn

The handsome lad with the hairy well-muscled chest who both tops and bottoms in this scene is the legendary Phil Bradley, who had many fans when he was a big pornstar in the late 1980s through the late 1990s. The older lad with this trio is Ace Harden… Phil Bradley — so handsome, such a great body, nicely hairy, too. Amazing glutes! I love him in glasses. Jake Taylor is not in this video, BTW. The older guy with the facial scar is Ace Harden, and the younger guy is Michael Karr (sometimes billed as Michael Carr).